At LightPear we have one of the few Safe Software FME Certified Professionals in the country, so we have the expertise you need to solve your problems. Whether the task is as basic as putting a thousand shapefiles into a database, or as complex and original as mapping visual fields in the blind, we've used FME for a whole range of projects, and we would like to help you with yours.

So, how can we help?

  • Data cleaning; You've got data of dubious provenance and low quality? FME can clean it automatically and consistently, and where it can't clean it, it can report back so you can clean it yourselves.
  • Systems Integration; Lots of silo'd datasets not talking to each other? FME is perfect for allowing you to integrate them into a single system.
  • Automating Data Loading; Do you want to read in a data source on a regular basis? Maybe from a website or a networked shapefile, to put it into your database? We can help with that.
  • Bespoke tasks; Do you have a project that has a complicated workflow? Let alone one that needs repeating for multiple datasets? This sounds like a task ideally suited to FME.
  • Workspace clean-up and updating; Is a workspace showing its age? We can clean it up and update it to make sure that not only does it work in the newest version of FME, it works well and takes advantage of any improvements and new transformers.
  • Efficiency improvements, and optimisation; FME makes it easy to create workspaces, but making them efficient is much more difficult. We can optimise your complex workspaces to potentially make them run many times faster, saving time and freeing up organisational resources for other priorities.
  • Non-spatial tasks; It's common knowledge that FME is excellent at handing spatial data, but it's also good at processing non-spatial data, such as Excel, CSV files, XML and even scraping web-pages.