We have a proven track record in providing training in a number of GIS products, which can be tailored to your organisational and delegate's needs and learning styles. We travel to you to provide training on your site using your own equipment, which can improve the learning experience by training in a familiar environment.

  • GeoServer, FME, ArcGIS, or QGIS; we've provided hands on training in all of these.
  • GIS theory; for those new to the concepts behind GIS, we've found that a brief introduction to the theories behind GIS are very helpful in providing a strong foundation for using the software.
  • One-to-one or classroom; whether there's a single staff member who needs bringing up to speed, or you're converting your entire organisation and have classrooms full of students, we've taught both styles and know what works best for in each scenario.
  • Tell-Show-Do; it's a well known fact that different people learn in different ways. Some learn by watching, some by doing, some by listening, that's why we prefer to teach using the tell-show-do method, it benefits everyone. In one-to-one and smaller-scale classes, the method can be further adapted to the individual delegates.
  • Customised; Does your organisation not deal with aerial photography, instead digitising from paper plans? Then there's probably no point covering Georeferencing, and that time can be better spent going into more depth in digitising for instance. We customise the content to suit your needs.
  • Beginners to experienced; Ideally you wouldn't train them together, but due to limited resources, this often happens and we can cater to it. Even experienced users can benefit from a GIS theory refresher for instance, while the beginners better learn from their peers.