Data Visualisation

We specialise in data visualisation, and have worked on projects as diverse as a light-hearted jaunt through a rille on the moon, through to creating maps that have been used to improve experimental surgical procedures.

We have experience in, and can help you with, any of the following, and more besides:

  • Hand crafted maps; For a city, a conference, a brochure, a report, anything!
  • Automated map generation; Generating thousands of maps at the push of a button with ArcGIS, QGIS, or FME.
  • 3D Visualisations; Be it a 3D PDF or a fly-by movie, they can be an excellent way to convey information to your audience.
  • Web-GIS; Using SLD's to style up your data for GeoServer.
  • Dynamically displaying analytical results; Do you have lots of complex analytical data and there are lots of potential ways to display it? Then why not use a web-based information system to allow users/customers to get what they want from it how they want.

So however you want your data visualised, we can help.


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